Monday, January 30, 2017

Letter #28 - Greetings from Arlington

January 30, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

There have been a ton of new changes this week including a worldwide
change to the missionary schedule and key indicators. But first things
first. I made it safely to Arlington. I live in a nice apartment and
my companion, Sister Day is great. She just finished being trained, so
I've been out twice as long as her (still not very long).
Unexpectedly, I am the driver in this area. Luckily my companion knows
the area really well and has been able to get us to everywhere we need
to go. We have a ton of restaurants, apartment complexes, and
neighborhoods in this area, so it's a good mix of everything. I drove
past the stadium the cowboys play at (AT&T stadium, I believe). I am
currently typing this at the nicest Laundromat I have ever seen, haha.

This week we got together as a mission to watch the Worldwide
missionary broadcast (or something like that). In it, new schedules
for missionaries were released, designed to give us more flexibility.
The most significant changes are probably that we have more time in
the morning to get ready (personal study ends at 10:00), companion
study can be anywhere from 30-60 mins and can be whenever we want to
have it, lunch was cut from a hour to a half hour, nightly planning is
now in the morning, and we can go to bed as early as 9:30. P-Day is
also longer now and begins at 8:00.

As for key indicators, we now report 4 instead of 9+. We used to
report all the different lessons we were having and now we report
whether we had a baptism that week, who has a date, how many
investigators came to church and how many new investigators. This was
done is hopes that our focus can be narrowed to those things which are
most important. Obviously we still need to incorporate all the same
things we were doing before to get there. Overall I am pleased with
all the changes they have made and think they will help missionaries.

Well, I think that's all for this week!

Love, Sister Prue

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