Monday, January 9, 2017

Letter #25 - Five Months in Texas

January 9, 2017

Dear Friends and Family, 

Today marks five months in Texas. 

I think one thing I'm learning the value of is asking others what they want out of a relationship/partnership. A member who has recently been assigned to visit teach a less active said that she had asked her what she wanted from her as a visiting teacher. The woman said that she didn't want to be forgotten. My companion mentioned how I had asked her several times at the beginning of our companionship what she wanted out of different things (such as companionship study, weekly planning, etc.) and how that has been helpful. A couple of months ago, I asked a sister what she wanted from the missionaries for her new family (she is recently married to a nonmember). We were finally able to have dinner with her and her husband this past week and it went extremely well. She knew the needs of her family and because she was given an opportunity to voice those needs and concerns, we were able to cater accordingly. Sometimes all it takes is asking :)

We got snow this week! It even stuck for awhile and there was a bit of ice on the roads. My companion was very happy that I was doing the driving (we are also still driving the Malibu -Woot!). At the end of last week the temperature was in the 70s. The next day - BAM - in the 30s and then it got a bit colder and hung out in the high teens, low 20s for the rest of the week. This week however is supposed to stay in the 70s. Crazy. I never know what to wear and it's hard because we don't have constant access to information about the weather. Sometimes we go out and it's warm in the morning and then freezing by the evening and we are wearing all the wrong clothes. We have managed to stay fairly comfortable and I have discovered the product Hot Hands.

We have also finally picked us up some investigators and we are very excited about that. One of them is moving at the end of the month (typical for this area) and the other is going to do extensive traveling over the next few months, but we are excited to finally be able to teach some lessons and help build a few foundations for the future. As always, thanks for all the support and love. You guys are the best (I almost said "Y'all", but can't bring myself to do it yet). 

Sister Prue 

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  1. Wow! What crazy weather cycles. I guess you're back to layering like in Utah. So happy to hear that you have found some investigators to teach. Keep doing the Lord's work. You may never know how you or your testimony touched someone's heart, but you'll be blessed for it. I love reading your letters and hearing about your experiences.