Monday, January 23, 2017

Letter #27 - Goodbye, Denton 4th

January 23, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Finally the news has come that you've all been waiting to hear: I'm leaving my first area and going to Arlington.

I'll be serving in the Arlington 4th ward there. My companion served there, but I mostly refuse to hear anything about it so that I'll get to make my own opinion of the place and come in with "fresh eyes". I've loved serving in Denton and the ward here has been so good to me. Yesterday I gave a 10 minute talk on missionary work, and it was well received. I'll miss living in the barn (literally an hour ago I was helping to contain an escaped horse and her newborn baby). We often feed Joy (the horse) peppermints and her baby was born almost a week ago. In the next 5 or 6 weeks, five other baby horses should be born, which I'm sad to be missing out on, but I'm glad to have gotten to see a couple.

Our investigator never made it to church, but she has been having some health problems that wound her up in the hospital. I feel like this is often the case for investigators. Maybe we missionaries are dangerous. There are a few other investigators that will be met with this week, but I will only meet with one of them. I am excited for new adventures!


Sister Prue

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