Monday, October 3, 2016

Letter #11 - Conference Weekend is the Best

October 3, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

General conference has always been a highlight in my life, but as a missionary it is even better. It's interesting to see how the apostles and other leaders teach the principles that we as missionaries are supposed to be teaching every day. And there were a ton of really good talks about missionary work, so that's always a bonus :) I liked what Elder Rasband talked about when he said that we need to record the spiritual experiences we have, so that when times get tough, we can look back at them and remember the feelings and experiences we have had with the Spirit. They told us that at the MTC and said we should be recording specific experiences to look back at when things got tough in the field. Conference does significantly reduce the time you spend out tracting and doing regular missionary work though. However, it is nice to break up the routine every once in awhile.

This week my companion and I got to have the mission president observe our companionship study. It was fun to have him and his wife study with us. They were able to offer suggestions for the lessons we were planning for the people we were going to meet with that day. They were more participants than observers, which was nice. Thanks for all the letters and e-mails this week! It's always nice to hear from all of you and see and hear about the changes that are happening in your lives!

Sister Prue

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