Monday, September 26, 2016

Letter #10 - Area Book Goals

September 26, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

This past week, my companion and I spent a lot of time visiting less actives in the ward and cleaning out our area book. The area book is a record of all the people we visit and what we have been teaching and what they still need to learn/do before they can get baptized. I'm still not sure how things worked on paper, but our book has probably over 100 active "potential investigators". So we've been taking time to visit all of these people and find out if they are interested in meeting with missionaries (again). Unfortunately a lot of them aren't home and we have to find time to go back/get in touch. We do a lot of phone calling/texting as well. If they aren't interested, then we "drop" them and know that we don't have to spend time teaching/staying in contact. Our hope is that by the end of the transfer, whatever missionaries are in the area will know who we are working with and how they've progressed. It's a never ending cycle however as we continue to add to the list as we are out and about. You enter in anyone that you've taught a lesson to. Visiting less actives has been successful as well and ward council has been pleased with the people we have been able to visit and teach. Ideally we want to link members to our less actives and investigators, so that when we are gone, they will still have a support system. 

One of our members has been great and has taken one of our investigators to three church activities. The first was a "Sunshine Sisters" activity, which is an activity for all the 60+ year olds (or maybe 70+?). The second was Women's session of General Conference. The third was an awesome fireside called the "Why I Believe" fireside. This month's fireside was mostly musical numbers, but typically recent converts come and talk about why they joined the church. At the end of yesterday's fireside we had a missionary who just came out and who is a convert come and bear her testimony and then we had another missionary who is a recent convert speak about his conversion story. The spirit was very strong and it was a great event. Unfortunately this investigator has yet to come to church, but we're hoping the experiences that she is having with us is building her faith in Christ and building in her a desire to come. Until next time!

Love, Sister Prue

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