Thursday, October 27, 2016

Letter #14 - Scripture Power!

October 24, 2016

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a good week. One thing that I've really enjoyed doing since I've been out here is taking members on exchanges with us who have never been out with missionaries. I love it because I know I would have been uncomfortable doing exactly what they are doing and yet they are leaving their comfort zones just to help us out. And I like having another beginner out there with me. Unfortunately I think in every instance our appointment has cancelled, but all of them have been willing to go out and do some running around with us and have ended up having a positive experience that has helped build their testimony and my testimony. I am so grateful for the members here!
We had some good experiences with some less active members that we decided to try talking to. We had never heard of most of them, but were able to share a message with all of them and one of them even told us that God had sent us to her in her time of need. She even asked us for a return appointment! It felt really good to know that maybe we are doing something right and are being led by the Spirit even if we didn't recognize it at the time. Also being built: my testimony of the back-up plan. These experiences were only made possible because we had come up with a back up plan for an appointment we had set. We are always supposed to have a back-up plan, but it's something I'm not very good at doing. We're getting better though!
We also were able to hand out more copies of the Book of Mormon than we have been handing out lately and these have been quality placements. The recipients have been reading them and one of them that we followed up with has really enjoyed it so far. They are feeling the Spirit that comes into their lives as they read the Book of Mormon and they hunger for more. I know that the Book of Mormon has been a great source of comfort and strength to me out on my mission and I am grateful to have had experiences in the past that let me bear witness of it's power in our lives as I teach others. 

ALSO- Next Monday I find out if I will be transferred or not. Transfers are on Nov. 2nd, so I wouldn't send any mail from now until I let you know where I will be next transfer. For some reason the mail has been slower than usual in getting to me. Thanks :)

Sister Prue

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