Monday, February 27, 2017

Letter #32 - 7 Months Last Week

February 27, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

We got a new ward mission leader. He is an older guy with all of his
children moved out of the house. This is a different experience than
having a 25 year old ward mission leader, haha. He is a man with a
tender heart and I think his own mission had a great impact on his
life. His mission spanned several states and transfers involved
getting on a plane. One of the places he served was in Idaho Falls
though. He is still learning about all the ways missions have changed
since he served. It seems that when he served you could meet someone,
ask them to be baptized and fill the font the next day. It's a little
different now, haha. We are excited to work with him.

I set a few goals for our companionship this past week. One of them
was a better exercise routine. I decided to start the "Be a Superhero"
initiative. Every day I choose a card with a superhero on it and then
I improve myself in areas of missionary work that I think that
superhero would excel at. I've given them all Christlike attributes
and chapters in PMG and other things like that. Anyways, it's still in
the works, but I have given them all workout routines. We use the 7
minute workout app by Johnson and Johnson. It has a lot of pre
programmed workout options, but then there is a customize your own
workout option. So I made one for Hulk, Thor, Captain America,
Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Black Widow. It has been fun and motivating, so
that's how I've been working on that. My other goal has been to do
more tracting and use finding time more productively. We made
improvements in that area this week as well.

We get to teach YW next week. About repentance. Should be fun.
We will also be getting a chance to do stuff with the activity Day girls in a
few weeks. Sister Day said that as soon as I got here, everyone wanted
us to do stuff. I've also been teaching her how to write thank you cards.
I told her the members would love it, and I think she now has a testimony
of that now. Some members tell us that they remind them to keep the
commitments they made with us. Good stuff.


Sister Prue

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