Monday, February 20, 2017

Letter #31 - Talks, Breakdowns and Cookies

February 20, 2017

Dear Friends and Family

On weeks that I don't send a letter to everyone my mom will take some items out of her letter to put on the blog. I spoke on Sunday. We were given the topic of Following Christ. We were given 15 minutes each to speak and there was to be a youth speaker as well, but when we heard the program announced, there was no youth speaker, haha. Sister Day had never given a talk that long in her life and she was pretty nervous. She got to speak first (which we also found out on the stand, because there were not any printed programs) which was a blessing because she didn't think she could fill 15 minutes. But she spoke for 15 minutes exactly and did great. I spoke for 20 or more minutes, but the point is that I ended exactly at 2:05. Blessings all around. I spoke about how living the doctrine of Christ helps us follow Christ. We also got a ward mission leader, Brother Allred. We are both really happy to have him. I don't know him super well, but I have positive associations with his face and was pleased when he was called. I just need gentle loving leaders who give me gentle nudges in the right direction. Heavenly Father has tended to bless me with those kinds of leaders and employers.

Our car broke down, luckily in a parking lot and we were there for 3 hours trying to get the battery jumped. Luckily it was in the evening and we had no appointments. There were so many blessings that we recognized that it was kind of fun. We had lots of safe help though. People from the ward and mission office came to our rescue.

The almond thumbprint jam cookies turned out well and the member we gave them to enjoyed them. This week we will make Girl Scout Brand thin mint cupcakes. So that should be good. I love you all.

Love, Sister Prue

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  1. Hi Sister Prue. Sounds like Sunday was quite an adventure with both you and your companion having to extend your talks with little notice. Isn't it amazing how the Spirit can help us in such instances when we're doing that daily scripture study? I'll never forget the awesome advice I once heard in one of those really old general authority talks on tape (like from the 1950's or 60's). I don't remember who was speaking, but he said that whenever he has to give a talk and he can't think of anything else to talk about, he simply bears his testimony of the restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith. Do they still have the missionaries give impromptu talks at every zone conference to help ya'll practice? Have a great week and enjoy those thin mint cupcakes. They sound delish.
    You're in our thoughts and prayers, <3 Kelli Prue :)