Monday, February 13, 2017

Letter #30 - My Trip to Tonga

February 13, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

This past week has been full. It started with going on Exchanges with
our STLs (Sister Training Leaders). I went to Euless and Sister Day
stayed in Arlington. The STLs serve in the Polynesian (maybe it's
called the Tongan ward?) wards. For the first time, I got to
participate in language studies and I started to learn to pray in
Tongan. It was fun and later that day I sang a hymn to a less active
family in Tongan with Sister Josephson. The Spirit was for sure there
because we sounded great and nothing like our practice earlier that
morning where I mispronounced half of it. It was a pretty cool
experience. We ate dinner at a place owned by one of the members. I
ordered a Big Island Burger (I'm a sucker for any burger with
pineapple on it) and it was indeed huge. It had two beef patties and
included pineapple and an egg along with all the usual burger stuff. I
was disgusting after I finished it, haha. I also had a drink called
Otai(?) The whole day was an awesome experience. I didn't feel like I
was in Texas at all.

We had a good lesson this week with an investigator named Virginia.
She will becoming to church next week and took notes throughout our
lesson so she could do some research (we recommended and She said she is anxious to read from the Book of Mormon
and pray about it. We have a few others that we hope to meet with this
week. One has gone to church twice now, but keeps having to cancel our
teaching appointments.

We also had zone conference. President talked to us about a lot of
things in the missionary handbook (the book of rules for
missionaries). He emphasized the part where we are to limit our
correspondence with others. As a result of the comments he gave while
talking about this, I'll probably limit this e-mail to a monthly
occurrence. I also probably won't reply to a lot of the e-mails or
letters I get as well in order to keep in line with the
recommendations he made during that meeting. I so love hearing from
all of you and you are free to e-mail or write as much as you want.
Just know that my ability to reply is limited and you probably won't
hear back (although if you ask questions, look for your reply in my
monthly e-mail ;)) Also, this is all in flux as I figure out what we
are supposed to be doing or not doing and how I want to work within
the guidelines.

Love you all!!

Sister Prue

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