Monday, December 5, 2016

Letter #20 - #LIGHTtheWORLD

December 5, 2016

Dear Friends and Family, 

Thanks for sharing your #LIGHTtheWORLD experiences with me! Last Monday we had two appointments set up with a different member going with us to each one. Neither one of them worked out, so we took the members out tracting with us (lucky them ;))! I think each had a good experience as we went around at night sharing the #LIGHTtheWORLD video with others. We even made a return appointment with a couple of people. Missionary work really does accelerate when the members and missionaries work together, even if it is just out pounding the pavement! I am grateful for all of the ways that our members have served us. Sister Hovenier's birthday was yesterday and our dinner appointment cancelled. Another member stepped up though and made us dinner and even whipped up a special birthday treat for my companion. 

This week we also had the ward Christmas party which consisted of a waffle breakfast followed by a nativity put on by the primary and then a service project. We made blankets, hygiene kits, busy bags, and block toys for the children who are taken by CPS (child protective services) in the Denton area. The blankets took the longest to tie and so everyone ended up working on those together at the end. It was such a Christmas sight to see everyone happily talking, laughing, and working together to make the blankets. It truly warmed my heart. Also there was a surprise visit by the three wise men at the end :)

Here is some of the service that I was involved in this week: 
Dog walking for an older woman
Visited a lonely widow on her birthday
Cleaned the church bathroom
Helped work on mailings for the local soup kitchen
Helped set up and take down for the ward Christmas party

I hope you continue to look for ways to serve one another as the busy Christmas season comes to engulf us. If you aren't feeling the Spirit of Christmas, then you are doing it wrong! ;)


Sister Prue

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