Monday, August 22, 2016

Letter #5 - One Month

August 22, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

As of the 20th, I have been gone for one month now! I forgot to bring along the list of questions people wanted me to answer, so I'm sorry about that. I do remember that lots of people wanted to hear about my companion, Sister Harbour. She just turned 20, has red hair, and is from the Nashville, TN area. She likes Harry Potter, and we had one slightly awkward visit where we were at a house where the Olympics was on TV and then as soon as we looked down, we saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It felt like there was nowhere to look, haha. Temptation everywhere! It was pretty funny though. 

Everyone here has a dog. Sis. H calls them the Texas doorbell, and that's pretty much true. About half of them are friendly and the other half are not, so I'm developing a bit of a fear of them. Sis. H is fearless though and says you just need to tell them who the boss is (that's me, I guess). She has already taken a bite for me, so I'm grateful to have her around in those situations.  

This week there has been a ton of rain! One of the members guessed that it was about four inches. It makes it a little harder to get out there, and sometimes it makes the roads quite dangerous, but it has brought the temperature down quite a bit and I have been grateful for that. It's been around the 80s and that has been heaven for me and really cold for my companion. I sincerely hope that 80 never becomes "cold" to me. 

We met with the investigator who came to church last Sunday and she said she loved the sense of community we had. She had been reading the Book of Mormon and made it past the first book of Nephi. I had given a talk that Sunday and she was very impressed that we had women speak at the pulpit, so that was cool. She was going to come this past Sunday, but she ended up moving the day before, and now I think she might have moved out of our mission boundaries. She was really awesome though and I hope she continues to learn more in her new area. We are also beginning to meet with several less actives in the ward. 

Love, Sister Prue


  1. Love reading your letters. New Harry Potter book wasn't that good so you didn't miss anything. It will be here when you get back either way. I love Texas except for the weather and the bugs...guess you'll get used to both!

  2. I enjoy reading about your experiences, Sister Prue! Glad you have a fearless companion. It's really noble of her to take bites for you! We had a huge rainstorm here last night that not only cooled things off, but brought flash flooding (took me nearly and hour to complete the normally 20 minute ride home from school and I had to go through some pretty deep, moving water at times). The storm left extremely high humidity behind -- something we desert dwellers don't deal with very well. Here's hoping that you'll run into your investigator who moved sometime later in your mission and discover that she's taken upon herself the covenant of baptism :) Keep on keeping on! <3 you.